Carotaggi archeologici (Archaeological corings)

Alessandro Lobino

Alessandro Lobino - Sardinian artist
The author
  • Coming from Turin, Alessandro Lobino lives and works in Sardinia as an art history teacher. His artistic journey as a painter begins in the 90s and originates from a poetics pivoting on the manipulation and transformation of the body, then leaving the classical representation in order to experiment with different materials. Since the early 2000s, his research mainly reveals itself in the use of two materials which are opposite both in the composition and their tradition: from bread and resin the “freezings” (“congelamenti”) arise. From 2007, they become “contemporary fossils” (“fossili contemporanei”), marine and land corings that narrate the contempory world. His artworks have been akwnoledged in several expositions and are part of private collections in Italy and abroad.

  • Concrete

  • Resin

  • Organic material

  • Vineyards

  • Mont'e Prama

  • Archaeological findings

The artwork

The work consists of two coring samples, taken from the ground in which vineyards are normally planted, in order to follow the path of the roots and evaluate their state. The artist imagines that these were made within his own field, and in turn creates a storyline narrating a chronicle about a hypothetical archaeological find:

"Steel pipes with a sharp end are driven into the ground: about 50 cm down, the pipe begins to tremble and make a different noise, as if it had encountered resistance: perhaps it is a stone, but my oenologist says that it still takes 15 cm and so we go on.

Once the block of earth is drawn, I mark some data with a permanent marker: the day, the month and the year, the cardinal points with longitude and latitude and the section of the tube used for extraction. After some reflections and with the help of an expert we realized that the boulders cut from the tube with the diamond point, have cut a face of a possible boxer and who knows what else."

The giants are not only the symbol of Sardinia, but they are literally part of it, waiting to be exhumed, so that they can resume telling their own story where they left off and take their place where they rightfully belong.

Alessandro Lobino - Carotaggi archeologici - dettaglio gigante
Alessandro Lobino - Carotaggi archeologici - dettaglio Cabras

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