Il pugilatore (The Boxer)

Simone Casu

Simone Casu - Il pugilatore
The author
  • Graduated from the Liceo Artistico Foiso Fois in Cagliari in 2008, Simone Casue pursues his passion for art by founding the association Rip Art, whithin which he realizes sculptures and participates in collective art exhibition. He is currently working for the cooperative Alfa Beta as artistic consultant. He is member of the association "Skizzo" and "Non solo murales" in San Gavino Monreale.

  • Iron

  • Steel

  • Wood

  • Reuse

  • Robot

  • Steampunk

The artwork
This piece captures the spirit of the return of the Giants of Mont’e Prama to our lives after their rediscovery. The artist aims to depict this idea by incorporating elements resonating with the Giants using recycled materials such as iron, steel, sheet metal and wood to create the armoured glove worn by the boxer on his right arm. The idea transmitted is that nothing that is misplaced or thrown away is lost forever, but rather it can rise to a new existence, granting meaning and even a soul to pieces which appeared destined for oblivion. The most striking aspect of this modern interpretation of the arm is the inspiration taken by the artist from science fiction and steampunk genres, which generate a strong contrast with respect to the sculptures that were realised thousands of years ago. However, such contrast exists only at a surface level, as both the original and the contemporary sculptors followed the same criterion, opting for the most emblematic material of their relative eras: stone in Nuragic Sardinia and metal in industrialized Sardinia. This raises the question of who in the thousands of years to come will reunite different points of history to create their own vision.
Simone Casu - Il pugilatore
Simone Casu - Il pugilatore

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