Uno sguardo dal passato
A gaze from the past)

Andrea Marceddu

Andrea Marceddu - Uno sguardo dal passato
The author
  • Andrea Marceddu was born in Cagliari in 1966. His creations originate from his imagination and his manual skills, thanks to which he has stood out since when, as a child, he entertained himself by realizing autonomously what his mind visualized. From his resourcefulness La bottega di Mastro Andrea was born, a creative workshop based in Cagliari, combining the Sardinian tradition with innovation in order to realize by hand different kinds of artefacts.

  • Sardinian fabric

  • Wood

  • Tradition/Innovation

  • Handcraft

The artwork
This artwork is an expression of the Sardinian craft world, which dates back to the Neolithic period, when a civilization began to flourish and develop on the island. The artist incorporates an abstract style and the use of different fabrics in order to create this piece. The fabrics used are both handmade as well as elaborated using ancient loom techniques. Shapes and symbols effectively create the face of one of the statues of Mont’e Prama, which emerges as the eye grows accustomed to the work. A typical aspect of Sardinian tradition, the dichromatic pattern is used to highlight the shape of the face, which is further enhanced by the red background that hark back to ancient techniques and colours first used by ancient populations. The facial elements lack colour in order to symbolise the idea that history is still being written and those who wish can contribute in the continuance of the Nuragic culture.
Andrea Marceddu - Uno Sguardo Dal Passato
Andrea Marceddu - Uno Sguardo Dal Passato

Past and present.

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