L'amata (The loved one)

Giovanni Loria

Giovanni Loria - L'amata
The author
  • Nanni was born and raised in Romana, a little village in the Meilogu region, in the province of Sassari. His passion for punk rock culture and for skateboarding, initially a way to escape from the monotony of the village, then represents the main inspiration for his graphics. At the age of 22, he leaves his beloved Sardinia headed to Australia, to discover different cultures and finding himself, also travelling to Japan and the USA. Moving from his homeland allowed him to re-discover Sardinian traditions not only from the artistic point of view, but also in the cooking field, approaching the ancient art of bread and pasta-making.

  • Drawing

  • Nostalgia

  • Love for Sardinia

  • Giant

The artwork

This autobiographical work encloses various meanings and messages that are only discovered based on the position and distance taken by the viewer. With enough focus, words and phrases emerge giving insight into the interpretation of the artist. At first glance, a loving couple is seen embracing, perhaps before one of them leaves to partake in a long journey. As the gaze soon accustoms to the image, it is possible to see that the Giants (or, better, Heroes) of Mont’e Prama are represented by the female form and they symbolize the personification of Sardinia.

The man, therefore, represents those who had to journey outside of their beautiful home of Sardinia to look for better prospects and future. By getting closer to the image, the observer is able to discover all the microscopic details of the work. This resonates with the idea of the traveller; only once he has stepped off the island, which has since become a shadow in the horizon, he can realize how attached he was to his roots and to everything his beloved homeland had to offer. It is only from a certain distance that one may have a unitary reading; giving the message that moving away or giving closure to an aspect of life is not necessarily a bad thing, but it grants perspective to understand oneself and everything that surrounds us better.

Giovanni Loria - L'amata
Giovanni Loria - L'amata

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