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The author
  • Maria Laura Milia was born in Sassari in 1988. She has shown a strong passion for drawing since she was very young, leading her to attend the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari where she specialized in Graphics and Design in 2018. She took part in several expositions (including Ritr’arte in Quartu Sant’Elena in 2016) and regularly publishes her artworks on social media. Her works range from a minimal graphic concept to illustrations (for children and adults) and to hyper-realistic portraits, mainly realized with pens.

The artwork

This abstract piece consists mainly of circular shapes, "concentric circles that wander through the infinite", which resemble the eyes of the giants of Mont’e Prama. Eyes are usually described as the window to the soul, and this idea could have influenced the creation of the Mont’e Prama statues as the eyes take a dominant role. Similarly, the eyes are also the main inspiration of this painting. In art, eyes have always been powerful elements as they represent a doorway between external and internal worlds.

It is said a person can be defined by their eyes and true emotion is often revealed. As a result, they are often used as an instrument for rebirth and metamorphosis in artworks. The colour palette employed by the artist gives the viewer insight into the history of the giants. Black symbolizes the darkness these ancient creatures experienced as time went by while they remained dormant deep underground. Grey and its gradients represent their excitement to re-emerge and take their place in history as they were discovered. Finally, white is a common symbol for light and in this painting, and it grants meaning both as a vector of knowledge and as an optimistic path into an unknown future.

  • Digital

  • Printing on forex

  • Sunrise/Sunset

  • Renaissance

  • Metamorphosis

Past and present.

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