Lo scavo (The Excavation)

Andrea Macis

Andrea Macis - Lo scavo
The author
  • Andrea Macis was born in 1965 in Villagrande Strisaili, near the Second Descent of the river Flumendosa, an area dominated by a huge hydroelectric plant. For the artist as a child, this environment becomes a setting in which experimenting the making of clay artefacts, collecting the material in the area near the construction site and then cooking it in his grandma’s oven. Growing up, Macis leaves Sardinia and travels around Europe, but eventually comes back to his origins, in Ogliastra, where he currently lives and works. Being a ceramist from day one, he feels a strong connection to his homeland’s history, in particular to that of the Nuragic period, which has represented the main inspiration for his artworks.

  • Ceramic

  • Stone

  • Dirt

  • Archaeology

  • Interactive artworks

  • Findings

The artwork

The work is produced in a small, miniaturized scale as a tribute to both the archaeologists who contributed to the excavations on the archaeological site of Mont’e Prama, as well as the explorers and seekers of knowledge who made this discovery possible.

The artwork is an interactive installation in which visitors are able to move around the pieces and discover different elements each time. This collaborative display allows for each experience to be unique as various objects emerge. The impacts (even if often involuntary) of mankind on the world and our need to discover is symbolized through this work. The urbanization process that has taken place throughout time gives evidence to show how, as humanity progresses, many of history’s treasures have found themselves buried, waiting for a time of rediscovery. It is the task of the archaeologists, to whom The excavation is dedicated, to decide what should be brought to the surface and what, instead, should be left undisturbed, waiting for a day in which, perhaps, culture and history will be seen with a kinder eye.

Andrea Macis - Lo scavo
Andrea Macis - Lo scavo

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