Fortezza (Fortress)

IDÆR - Michela Pinna

IDÆR - Michela Pinna - Fortezza
The author
  • Since 2014 IDÆR, pseudonym of Michela Pinna, has been using painting as a way to elaborate her own emotions, paramount inspiration for her art. She realizes both paintings (oil or acrylic on canvas) and digital artworks.

    “I created graphic effects and realized artworks giving them a meaning, I designed sharp and homogeneous lines; I expressed them as only my own eyes can see – even the abstract ones, when you stare at them, you can uncover one more more details in them.”

  • Digital art

  • Technology

  • Intangible

  • Current values

The artwork
The artwork is a representation of both current expressions of Nuragic art as well as the negation of it. The nuraghe represents both the material and the corporeal, therefore, to contradict with this idea, this piece of art has been digitally generated and as a result is only visible through digital media tools making it both immaterial and incorporeal. The nuraghe was an important aspect and focus of prehistoric Sardinian culture; consequently, to aid in making the leap into contemporary times and establish Sardinia as a centre of excellence both in technology and research, digital techniques can be employed in order to showcase the pieces of art in new and innovative ways. In our current technological age, the digital world now houses most of the world’s treasures, which are made available at the touch of your fingertips. Digital content has become increasingly important in our everyday lives and even though it controls many aspects of it, it also grants the opportunity for new ideas and content to be produced. Therefore, in this world controlled by the media, just like the insular nature of Sardinia, us as users have the power to control how the digital world affects us, and in turn, transform a compulsion into an instrument of strength, and create a fortress to join together to forge a better future.

Passato e presente.

Past and present.

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