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Nuragic culture

Focus on The Mont’e Prama statues

The Mont’e Prama statues are showed to the public through videos, 3D models and accurate scale representations. In conjunction, a multilingual documentary will be displayed. Archaeologists and specialists in the field are going to share with the visitors information regarding the Nuragic civilisation and the Mont’e Prama statues.


The contemporary art collection

The Sardinian artists on display

The Mont’e Prama statues – witnesses of the presence of traditions going back thousands of years - will be integrated in the contemporary artworks of Sardinian artists, drawing a connection line between the Nuragic and contemporary art, comparing both past and present. Moreover, this union will engage viewers of the exhibition, attracting not only archaeology enthusiasts, but also contemporary art lovers.


Sardinia 360 virtual experience

Discovering the island

Visitors will move away from the reality and will virtually fly to Sardinia, all thanks to an app installed on cutting-edge headsets. 10 equirectangular stereoscopic video clips and a multidirectional audio will guide the viewer through a journey discovering the island. This will make for a vivid and amazing experience.


Living in Sardinia

People’s and companies’ experiences

The project aims to give the visitor a complete experience, through the involvment of various actors of the Sardinian world. Interviews, taste itineraries (with the support of the local food industry) and shows of typical artisanal products will be part of the exhibitions. Networking in foreign countries will allow for the realization of additional events in Sardinia and boost a mutual exchange of cultures and knowledge.


The first milestone

arte nuragica / contemporanea


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