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Alessio Massidda - Submerged
The author
  • Photograph and design enthusiast, Alessio Massidda started painting in 2002, studying as an autodidact. In 2005 he took part in some collective exhibitions and launched his first solo exhibition in Cagliari, at the Galleria Sottopiano Beaux-Arts. In 2007, together with 3 artists, he founded a start-up to promote creative solutions, ranging from communication services to furnishings, from painting to scultures and installations. He specialized in UI/UX design and illustration, particularly in logo design. Massidda has won more than 40 graphics contests. He has recently received an award from Disney for his modern interpretation of Paperina.

  • Digital

  • Nuragic culture

  • Submerged values

The artwork
The figure facing the viewer is a giant from past ages, worn from time and marked by blood and tears. It stands alone against a tempestuous background where a black sea can be seen forming a gigantic wave threatening to destroy Sardinia. The storm does not only represent a literal depiction, but it also metaphorically entails an emotional struggle for the colossus, who has witnessed the transformation of the island and the loss of its roots - as external influences saw the incorporation of Latin culture. His tears symbolize the connection between two different versions of Sardinia, in two different eras, and how suffering has played a main role in both. The painting tells the story of a land under constant invasion, as well as shaken by major transformations ethnically, historically, culturally and environmentally. The tsunami, specifically, symbolises the still inexplicable end of the Nuragic civilization, while the mix of elements and motifs symbolizing water, earth and blood allows for a traditional representation of Sardinia.
Alessio Massidda - Submerged (dettaglio dell'opera)
Artista Alessio Massidda - Submerged

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