Identità (Identity)

Laura Lusso

Laura Lusso - Identità
The author
  • Graduated in Architecture from the University of Cagliari, Laura Lusso loves expressing herself through the art of illustrations and comics. Her artworks have received several recognitions and have been included in anthologies and publications. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions in Sardinia (such as her first solo exhibition in Alghero in 2018) and all over Italy. She has also participated as a lecturer in several seminars and conferences regarding comics. Her illustrations are collected in the Facebook page Laura Lusso – drawings.

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The artwork
The artist has taken inspiration from comic books and has created an illustration which effectively embodies the deep cultural and territorial changes that were occurring in Sardinia as the Iron Age transitioned into the bronze Age. In this period, the sculptures of Mont’e Prama came to represent the memory of a time in fieri, projected towards the future and, yet, still well connected to their past and roots. The head of a warrior is the focus of the artwork and acts as a symbol of collective memory, as several stories and elements are discovered through the removal of the material part of the stone. Different depictions of Sardinian history are represented as small warrior figures acting as archaeologists unveiling the secrets hidden within the head. Important historical elements are indeed represented: miniatures of nuraghe, the betili (symbol of the divinity), the tombs of giants, the bronze statue of Vulci (found inside an Etruscan tomb dating back to the 9th century BC in the current province of Viterbo, Latium). If one looks closely, you can see that the letters forming the title of the illustration have been scattered around the painting (starting from the shield of the bronze statue). Through interactive techniques like this, the viewers gain insights into solving the enigma and take a step into history, engaging it by reading the artwork.
Dettaglio dell'opera identità di Laura Lusso
Identità - Laura Lusso (Fumetto)

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