Gigante di Mont'e Prama
(Giant of Mont’e Prama)

Tiziana Sanna

Tiziana Sanna - Gigante
The author
  • Born in Cagliari, Tiziana Sanna (pseudonym Tisha) graduated in Literature majoring in art and then specialized in art history, also attending some courses to learn the different painting techniques. Her artworks show a photographic style: the audience’s attention is focused on the subject, meticulously described in each detail, decontextualized and located in a monochromatic and unreal space. The main characters of her paintings are usually animals – the exotic ones,  the endangered species, the endemic animals from Sardinia. She defines her style as “pop - hyper-realism”, since she puts together an accurate use of the artistic technique and modern elements, influenced by pop art. She has exhibited her artworks in Sardinia and in northern Italy.

  • Oil on canvas

  • Hyper-realism

  • Head of the giant

  • Photographic style

The artwork

This artwork is an accurate and realistic reproduction of one of the heads of the giants of Mont’e Prama. The life-like rendering of the head is emphasized as it stands out through its portrayal of white in a sea of black. Technical features and symbols merge in order to create a unique composition that has not taken precedence in the history of sculpture; the eyebrow arch protrudes into two large eyes composed of two concentric circles, while the nose is of a large scale, which is further complimented through an evanescent mouth.

The absence of a body plus the context it is in grants the statue a narrative and a voice that is open to the interpretation of the viewer. The bust no longer represents a prehistoric warrior able to support a shield and with the fierce gaze of a soldier, now it gives reference to the tale of a wise man who has the ability to guide and positively shape people, or perhaps of a craftsman embellishing the future with his works of art, a priestess who weaves the threads of fate, or the loved one who experiences joys and sorrows and seeks to establish roots for the generations to come. Through the life-like figure of the giant, it becomes possible to see both the past and the future of a culture that seeks to enrich the world with its traditions.

Tiziana Sanna - Gigante
Tiziana Sanna - Gigante

Past and present.

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