Lo scudo del guerriero
(The warrior’s shield)

Ana Maria Serna

Ana Maria Serna - Lo Scudo del guerriero
The author
  • Graduated in Chemistry, the Mexican painter Ana Maria Serna dedicated her life to her passion for art, which has been affecting her since she was a child. In 2002 she moved to Olbia and discovered the Sardinian culture and history, which fascinated her and inspired many of her artworks. She has taken part to several exhibitions in Italy and abroad, included the Biennale Internazionale di Firenze (2007-2011), the Biennale Isole (2011) and the Biennale di Roma (2018), representing Sardinia.

  • Acrylic on canvas

  • Plastic

  • Metal

  • Environment

  • Sustainability

  • Current values

The artwork
This work is a reproduction of one of the shields held by the warriors of Mont’e Prama that has been reconfigured and modernized through the usage of the rim of a car in the construction process. Even though the threats of pirates and invaders have long vanished, the shield symbolizes the passionate spirit of those who still fight to defend Sardinia today against threats that contribute in eradicating an irreplaceable heritage, both natural and man-made, for the whole humanity. The shield is constructed from the rim of a car; however, half of it is missing. Despite being broken, the remaining piece of the shield is still placed at the top of the sculpture, symbolizing that even through hard struggles and when there seems futile to fight, there are many who are still ready to take on the fight and defend this cultural paradise called Sardinia, just like the warriors of past times.
Ana Maria Serna - Lo scudo del guerriero
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